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Team at SHGOpen2007 in Denmark!
 --17.02.2007 - 11:55 am

As you are reading now, the first big e-Sport event of 2007 has just commenced. I'm of course talking about SHGOpen in Denmark. With a lot of top teams from all over Europe attending to compete in several popular games, this event looks superb. I'm also proud to announce that Logitech.CoD2/CS/CS:S have arrived safely at the event and are currently competing for top places!

Logitech.CS at SHGOpen2007 - Loser Bracket Round 7

Team Logitech.CS <14:16>
- Line-up of Team Logitech: tih0p, Shiri, plastE, toomi, SpikeOne
- Line-up of JAEGARN, azl, threat, Tentpole, face
- Map: de_inferno
- Final Placement: 7th-8th
- Prize Purse: 1,140€

Logitech.CS:S at SHGOpen2007 - Grand Final

Team Logitech.CS:S <5:16> Volt.gaming
- Line-up of Team Logitech: Kankeli, topsikrt, Dsltr, odiouz, Migy
- Line-up of Volt.gaming: maths, nordQvist, tyron, vizzion, olander
- Final Placement: 2nd
- Prize Purse: 1.333€

Logitech.CoD2 at SHGOpen2007 - Loser Bracket Round 2

Team Logitech.CoD2 <23:25> suXus eSport
- Line-up of Team Logitech: Fuku, jonzku, Decori, sec!, winkz
- Final Placement: 7th-8th

For more results, please press Read More!

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Decori to replace stim at shgOpen 2007
 --13.01.2007 - 15:17 pm
Like everyone of you know, we recently recruited the old friend of ours, Timo "stim" Arminen to compete in the upcoming tournaments with us. However, due to unlucky circumstances, stim can't participate the first LAN event, shgOpen, which we were scheduled to participate.

Read inside to find out who are going to be the players that will participate shgOpen 2007 as Team

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Changes in Logitech.CoD2 - stim is back!
 --02.01.2007 - 19:30 pm
Due to the summer holidays still going, a lot of teams have had slightly more quiet time for quite some time already. Same has been with Team, who is now before the active LAN season of 2007, forced to do some changes within their lineup.

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Major changes in Logitech.CS:S
 --14.12.2006 - 10:04 am

We sadly announce departure of Ftl and Toku, both of them have had huge impact on our game. We like to thank and wish good luck to them, whatever you're going to do, we hope it'll turn to a success.

We like also to welcome our new fifth player, my long-time friend, Mikko "Migy" Vornanen.

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GameOn-CS Final: Logitech.CS:S vs. Volt Gaming(ex-Adastra)
 --11.12.2006 - 15:09 pm

Few days back our very own CS:S squad played the final against none other than Volt Gaming, most of you know Volt's guys from their former squads called Adastra or zEx.

Team Logitech.CS:S <2:1> Volt Gaming
- Line-up of Team Logitech: topsikrt, odiouz, kankeli, Ftl & Dsltr
- Line-up of Volt: Fifflaren, olander, nordQvist, vizzion & majk

- de_inferno 16-14 for Logitech
- de_contra 13-16 for Volt Gaming
- de_train 16-7 for Logitech

GG guys!

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Logitech.CS:S in CAL Europe Main: vs. eSrael & vs. Eraisers
 --08.11.2006 - 15:22 pm

Tonight our Counter-Strike:Source squad will face the Israeli powerhouse eSrael in their sixth game in the Delta division of the CAL Europe Main league. So far our team has made a flawless run and is leading the division, having beaten teams such as Dignitas and coolTronik.

The game will commence at 22:00 CET on the map de_TBA. After eSrael, our team will face the Czechs of Eraiser, but that game got delayed. Furthermore we would like to wish our team best of luck! Game on!

CAL Euro Main Game 6:

Team Logitech.CS:S <25:4> eSrael
- Line-up of Team Logitech: Dsltr, Ftl, kankeli, odious & topsikrt
- Line-up of Eraisers: A-Hole, Soviet, Velda, m0nZ \ d0x, & dnl
- Map: de_train

CAL Euro Main Game 7:

Team Logitech.CS:S <24:6> Eraisers
- Line-up of Team Logitech: Dsltr, Ftl, kankeli, odious & topsikrt
- Line-up of Eraisers: .PhP, bazy, HA||OO, UN_Soldier & bam
- Map: de_nuke

Click Read More for more information!

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Logitech.CoD2 wins Wonderbase LAN in Sweden!
 --02.11.2006 - 11:19 am

As you are reading right now, our Call of Duty 2 squad has travelled to Sweden to attend the Wonderbase LAN. The Call of Duty 2 tournament is looking very promising with several big names going, Dignitas, digitalMind, Serious Gaming, just to name a few.

This is the first LAN for our squad’s new line-up; hopefully they can continue their very successful offline run. We have been placed in Group C with 3 rather unknown Swedish teams. The first games will start on Friday, 3rd of November, See you then!

Grand Final:

Team Logitech.CoD2 <2:0> digitalMind
- Line-up of Team Logitech: Fuku, jonzku, orphaN, sec!, winkz
- Line-up of digitalMind: Rick, r0y, roEl, nutec, Davy
- Scores: mp_carentan <13:8>, mp_matmata <13:7>
- Final Placing: 1st
- Prize Purse: €3706,06 + QPad/Sennheiser prizes

You can download our team's demos from Wonderbase by clicking here

For more information, please click Read More!

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Logitech.CS:S recent matches overview
 --02.11.2006 - 10:47 am

Past weeks on our site were rather calm; nevertheless is still active is several leagues. Our Counter-Strike:Source squad is the most active online, participating in 2 big leagues: CAL-Euro Main and Game-On Invite.

In the CAL-Euro Main league our team is currently ranked 1st in group Delta after 5 straight wins. Already having overcome the renowned German clans Dignitas and coolTronik, our team normally has faced the hardest opposition.

In the Game-On Invite league our team holds the 2nd place now with a 6-2 match record. We had 2 close losses versus the current number one, EDiT, and Dignitas. On the other hand, we managed to take down our long-time rivals from Sweden, Adastra.

Click Read More to see the latest results in both leagues!

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SLKS #10 is over
 --23.10.2006 - 14:34 pm
We have finally arrived safely back home from the SLKS #10 LAN event held in Denmark by and we are quite satisfied with the results.

Our Battlefield 2 team was well present in Danish media and appeared on Danish national television giving interviews after the matches. Battlefield 2 games were also broadcasted on Danish television.

Here is how our teams finished at the LAN:

2nd place Battlefield 2 8on8 Nordic Championship - prizemoney won 30 000 DKK
3rd place Battlefield 2 5on5 infantry - prizemoney won 3000 DKK

5th place Counter-Strike Source tournament

9-12th place Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament

We wish all the best for all participating teams at the event and thank the admins for well run tournaments with no major problems during the entire event. We enjoyed our time in Denmark and wish to come back soon! :)

Thanks go also to our sponsors Logitech, Fujitsu-Siemens, Qpad and EA Games for making our trip possible and pleasant for us!

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Scores from!
 --21.10.2006 - 16:30 pm

Here is an update of the scores here at

BF2 5vs5 compo:
Logitech.bf2 wins from Infinity with 59-7
Logitech.bf2 wins from xGx with 117-0
Logitech.bf2 lost from aPas with 32-72(winners bracket final)
Consolation final vs Cph eSports #1 lost with 0-111 so in this 5vs5 compo we finished at 3rd place.

BF2 8vs8 nordic championship
Logitech.bf2 wins from Infinity with 176-0
Logitech.bf2 lost from Cph eSports with 56-57(upper bracket final)
Logitech.bf2 wins from Infinity with 240-0(consolation final)

CS 1.6 compo
Logitech.cs wins from Impolite with 23-7
Logitech.cs wins from Team-Real with 21-9
Logitech.cs wins from Bemy with 23-7
Logitech.cs wins from ioi with 25-5
Logitech.cs lost from SoA with 1-29
Logitech.cs lost from team.fightclub with 8-22
Logitech.cs lost from Volt Gaming Syndicate in the playoffs

CS:S compo
Logitech.css wins from artoboyz with 16-14
Logitech.css wins from BjorneBanden with 28-2
Logitech.css wins from Alkoholdet with 25-5
Logitech.css wins from SteelWire with 23-7
Logitech.css wins from Global.gaming with 20-10

More matches will be played in the following hours so keep an eye on the site for updates.

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